Did you know that?

The human body is complex and multi-dimensional.
Sickness doesn`t happen without a reason.
If you truly desire a long lasting effect, you must look to the cause of the disease or illness.
One cause can have multiple effects and inversely, multiples effects or symptoms can have one or more common causes.

4 basic stressors that you need to be aware of.

Biomechanical stress

Imbalances of the vertebral, articular, and deeper molecular level of tissues i.e. the living tensegrity matrix.

Biochemical stress

Bad food choices, poor digestion and mal-absorption of nutrients, intestinal dysbiosis and hyperpermeability.

Toxic stress

Inadequate detoxification capacity.

Emotional stress

Unresolved emotions, conscious and subconscious.

The good news is that we can minimize or eliminate some of those stressors.

Unless you are consulting for prevention or wellness care,
we need to identify and correct the possible causes of your dysfunction
or pain syndromes. We need to reharmonise your personal environment. Epigenetic.